Sign Up to Perform: "Come As You Are" Monthly Concert Series

Born to Be Unique in Christ is hosting a monthly Come As You Are Concert Series filled with mingling/meeting new people, song, dance, poetry, 3-5 minute oration/spoken word, snacks, give a presentation, draw, and so much more! Each concert will have a new mystery theme, be 2 hours long (but feel like half an hour!), and provide a safe space to express oneself and get to know new people to form a support system. Topics of discussion: Pain, politics, love, heartbreak, sexual appetite... it's about to go down. If you feel there is no social space for you, that there is no place you can truly be yourself or that you'd like to explore other spaces and social gatherings, this is the event you will want to be at. No Spiritual Affiliation, necessary and if you don't like Christians period, we still encourage you to come and get to know us as people! 

Want a slot to perform? Fill out this form!

Want a slot to perform? Fill out this form! 

We welcome participants and event attendees (even if you don't perform) all over the Five Colleges. If you are performing, feel free to sing, dance, do a spoken word, give a presentation, draw, basically tell who they are from their perspectives in whatever way they want! We are looking for a diverse group of people who are not afraid to be real and raw about their past and present selves, to be vulnerable and share in an intimate space their struggles, pain, and ugliest selves as well as their happy, content, and positive selves in relation to their experiences living on earth. The goal is to share, enlighten, encourage, and/or seek a support system/friendship.

We do not want judgmental and pretentious exploiters in this space. We desire to create a space where everyone there sees each other as human beings with a history, to build connections that'll last forever, and to gain a new perspective on those we see around us so as to create empathy, even with our varying experiences and beliefs.

This is a social event, looking to build inter-sectional community.

Food and drink provided!

Open to faculty, staff, and students! (WHICH MEANS, societal norms and judgements have no place in this space.)

Everyone is welcome to Sign Up (only 10 spots available for performers per concert, but there will be a waitlist if overenrolled for the next concerts).