Seeking Side Gigs in Western Mass on Craigslist

  1. Don’t Search Western Mass ONLYBe sure to search Boston, New York and DC jobs and gigs as well. Western Mass is made up of small, mostly rural cities. Also, look for similar jobs and gigs in the bigger cities like Boston, New York, and DC where the jobs will be more abundant and frequent.
  2. Use the Search BarNeed to find a job in a specific location? Or a specific type of job? Tailor your searches or insert a keyword into the search bar instead of scrolling through endless pages.
  3. Avoid Getting ScammedDon’t wire any money to anyone, especially from a so-called pre-sent check that a so-called “employer” might send you. In fact, if he or she even asks that you do this, ignore and move on.
  4. For non-remote jobs, Meet in Public Over Coffee or Tea First.At least make sure you have a proper chance to understand the vibe of an individual in a public space.