Scrush - A New Way To Meet Your Crush (Includes Job Opportunity!!!)



Imagine: You walk into your favorite cafe and order the warm beverage of your choice. Delicately sipping your drink, you sit down on the far side of the restaurant. You glance upward and make eye contact with a cutie across the room. You look away instantly, but sneak another peak when you believe your cutie has looked away. Another sip of your drink, you observe that your cutie is reading one of your favorite books. Not only is your cutie good looking but may share your interests too. You establish to yourself that your interest is peeked and plot a way to get your cutie's attention. However you can't help but wonder: Is that person interested in me? Suddenly, a person taps your shoulder and whispers in your ear that your cutie is also interested in learning more about you. It's a dream come true! You are now able to safely converse with your cutie, knowing that you are both attracted to each other....

...Sound a little too good to be real? Well, your phone can now be that person who tapped you on the shoulder. Welcome to the new world of crushing, Scrush app!


A new start-up company called Scrush, is aiming to change the way young people meet potential dates. The process is simple.

  1. After downloading the Scrush app, you can choose a location. The location can be a bar, a party or your school. 
  2. Then the app will reveal other people in that area who also have a Scrush app. You slide right to anonymously Scrush a person and you slide left to anonymously reject the person. 
  3. Now, if two people Scrush each other, Scrush will send you a notification. The notification will give you the option to use the Scrush messenger to chat with your match or to check back with the person at another time.  


The app is a wonderful tool for college students.  It's much safer than using a general dating site which connects you (and your information) with people outside of your area. Scrush only matches you with a person that you also approved, meaning you are already interested in the individual.  On top of that, even if you are matched with someone but you don't feel comfortable contacting them, you're not obligated to make that connection. It's fun, it puts you in control of your experience and is definitely worth a try!


Scrush app is coming to Amherst after being used at the prestigious Haverford College! Lord Jeffs and Lady Jeffs will now have the opportunity to download  the app on their website Scrush their campus crushes.


JOB OPPORTUNITY!   Even if you're not looking for a love interest, you maybe looking for a job. As a start-up company, Scrush is looking to hire people for their marketing team and brand awareness team. Yes, it seems like Scrush has something for everyone. Wherhter you want to download the app or be apart of their project or both, their website is definitely work checking out!