Presents! (Her Campus Sends Me a Survival Kit)

Last week, I went to the post office and handed over my ID card.  The girl who swiped said, “You’ve got a LOT of stuff.”  As the line behind me got longer and longer, she handed over one package after another.  “You’re going to need the trolley for this,” she mused.  Once I’d loaded my plethora of packages onto the trolley, I set off on the long walk across campus back to the triangle.  I slowly and haphazardly steered my way on the sidewalk, to the gleeful amusement of passersby.

The biggest challenge was getting my load and myself through the door.  I had to use some serious problem-solving skills to balance the trolley while locating my ID, getting the door open, and getting everything through it.  Roughly a half-hour after I first arrived at the post office, my packages and I made it back to my room in one piece.  As I ripped into the packages, I definitely felt like it was Christmas in September.

Inside the four packages was the Her Campus back-to-school survival kit.  I opened the smallest package first.  Inside was a box of SK berry-flavored energy shots.  As a huge caffeine enthusiast, I was excited at the prospect of trying energy shots for the first time.  The coolest thing about the energy shots is the fact that each one sold provides a meal to a hungry child!

Next I opened two boxes of Neuro SONIC water.  My friends have been coming in all week to take the stuff.  It tastes kind of like soda but it only has 9g of sugar and it’s not overly sweet.  I had tons of energy and was in a great mood at squash practice after drinking this stuff, so I definitely think it got me energized!

The final package was filled with an assortment of products.  The first thing I picked up was a mini S’mores Luna bar.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so I can’t stop eating these.  Luckily, they’re full of vitamin D, iron, and most importantly, calcium (I don’t like milk or cheese so that’s always a struggle).  Also in the box were pens and bright orange notebooks from Poppin.  Something about writing my thesis notes in a bright orange notebook makes the process a lot less painful.  Her Campus also included bright pink HC sunglasses!

My last “Christmas in September” gift in the survival kit was pretty epic: a free Chipotle catering party for 20 people!  This is just too exciting.  I have no words.  Apply to write for Her Campus Amherst and maybe you can get in on my Chipotle party…