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Newfound Treasure: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

     The gentleman I am currently dating introduced me to a show about an African Entrepreneur, who was aware of her skills, harnessed them, nourished them, and begin working on her own detective agency.

     She takes on the cases of various individuals in her community, and you know she loves her work because she often forgets or doesn’t concern herself with payment. She simply loves what she do and helping people find the “truth,” in whatever form that may come. This can be relationships, a missing child, drug/children markets, and so much more.

     I fell in love with it the first episode I was shown, and I know you will too! It showcases a variety of strong, intelligent, humorous, and sassy African women in authentic African environments. Drift away from that media nonsense, and join me in learning more about Africa, its values, its issues, and its culture. You won’t regret it.


Watch now!

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