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New Trend: Scandalous or Doable?


        Alright ladies, time to talk about something that I think we need to weigh in on; the sideboob trend. Is it over-the-top? Or is it just enough skin? 

         Lately, I’ve noticed a new trend on campus over the past few months: the sideboob. Basically, girls have been opting for shirts and dresses with conservative necklines and deep cut outs under the armpits.  As a result, the lack of fabric exposes the sides of her body and, for whatever reason, the look (when done properly and tastefully) looks sexier and classier than low-cut, cleavage baring options. On the other hand, when not styled correctly, it can look awkward and too revealing. The trouble is, how can us gals know when enough is enough, and still stay fun and flirty?

          Here are few examples of this trend done well;

           Here, the usage of a bandeau top underneeth helps to keep the look a bit more conservative, while also edgy. You could also opt for a brightly colored one to draw the eye to your fashion statement. 

           Interational supermodel, Karlie Kloss is seen here sproting sideboob, and if this girl can do it, well then it must be a good thing. Karlie chose to stick to one color palate to keep this look professional and stylish. If you have too many other things going on in your outfit, this sultry trend will get overlooked.

           Let’s call a spade a spade, and realize that Jennifer Lawrence does it so it is a great idea!!! Ugh what a gal…

           Should you choose to join the sideboob phenomenon, there are tons of options for you to choose from.  If you are choosing a formal dress or backless shirt, I’d consider investing in a sticky bra and dress tape (Victoria’s Secret makes a nice one, but if you want something less expensive, Amazon has a few different versions for $10-20).  If your outfit is more casual, a bralette or bandeau (or bikini top) provides a cute pop of color or lace and prevents wardrobe malfunction. And remember, Spring is the perfect time to try out a new trend, so follow these tips and make yourself stand out in the best ways!













Amherst College English Major Class of 2016
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