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My Sub Free Friday: “It’s Been Four Weeks” 9/21/2912

It’s been four weeks since I officially set foot in Amherst College as a freshman and I have not yet consumed any alcohol here. (The coffee liqueur in the tiramisu and the coq au vin at Val don’t count.) Drinking alcohol is a large part of the social culture in college, which I understand why, but I have not felt like I was missing out on anything special from the accounts I’ve heard from other people. I will, however, be honest and let you know when I do have an unprecedented thirst for beer pong, hard liquor or whatever it may be.
Meanwhile, I shall spend my time elsewhere, such as with puppies. I dropped by TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) Amherst’s event, Dog Days Are Over. Everyone crowded around in circles to pet each dog. I used to prefer cats, but ever since I met my neighbor’s Yorkie, Jiu Jiu (it means “banana” in English), I’ve become a dog lover. It might have to do with the fact that it’s easier to teach a dog tricks because a cat would just most likely ignore you. There were a lot of bigger dogs but my favorite was the Maltese, who reminded me of Jiu Jiu because she also gets easily scared. In New York City, there are tons of dogs on every block you walk by (people even take dogs with them when shopping for clothes). I have not seen a single dog here before this event, so it was pretty nice to see dogs again. There’s something about dogs that brings smiles to people’s faces.

Afterwards, I went on a TV marathon. I finally watched the last episode of Masterchef, even though they spoiled the ending for me on Facebook. I also watched the season premier of Bones, my second favorite show (more on my ultimate favorite show in the near future). The episode was riveting and had a storyline that went beyond the usual “crime of the week” type of episode. And right when I thought all was well at the end of the episode… a twist in the plot occurs. Cue in the evil laughter. The new season seems promising thus far. I also caught up with Mr. Handsome in White Collar. The season finale was slightly surprising with the classic cliffhanger that TV show people love to use to get us hooked and perhaps slightly frustrated. After catching up on the new episodes, I spent the rest of the night watching Criminal Minds re-runs with friends until I felt like I could just drift off to sleep as mellow as I can be.

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