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My New Crush: #MrStealYourGrandma Irvin Randle

     In terms of my taste in men, I have always been a bit strange and against the norm when it comes to age rules. I definitely like a more mature man, who knows what he wants, where he is going. He doesn’t really care to play games, is fit or trying to get there, has self-confidence, not arrogance. A man that is intelligible and is a gentleman, whom I can learn from and grow with. Focused only on character and values, a crush of mine could be 3xs my age, and my future man could be 25 or 55.  So, needless to stay it does not bother me that recently, I have become fascinated with Mr. Irvin Randle, southern man, model, and educator with a fiyah style and vibe of an old-fashioned gentleman (which I wish men would go back to) from the state of Texas.

     From his dapper looks to his cool signature sunglass-wear to his confident stroll on the runway to the very obvious talent as an educator in the classroom, I hope to be as half as in shape, healthy, and worthy of the 

runway as he is at 56 years old. Needless to say, if I was given the time of day, I would absolutely date this guy (until it didn’t work out–or did :D).  If he is Mr. Steal Your Grandma, then ya’ll can just start calling me grandma, ’cause he has stole my attention. Here are 5 photos I think are worth sharing that I personally could look at tirelessly.  You’re welcome.

  1. The combination of coolness and a subtle confidence radiates through this picture, and I am loving it.
  2. A man who can do both! He is living his best life! I love myself an adventure and a motorcycle ride is definitely on my bucketlist! Kinda wondering who the flowers are for though. They are b e a u t i f u l. #EyeforDetail
  3. The beard, the blazer, the cap, the rips in the jeans, and the neutral colored shoes…This says a classy man with a bit of edge.  Timelessly stylish and yet with a lovely informal touch. And that BEARD…  I want to touch it :D
  4. And ya’ll know that a man at the gym is attractive! I love that Mr. Randle hits the gym regularly. Health is wealth, and he is P A C K I N G.  Pun may or may not be intended. All I can say is I hope to be that in shape when I’m almost 60. That’s just amazing. Just inspirational. 

UGH. What a masterpiece. Everything about this picture is breathtaking. All that’s missing is a curly haired young lady in matching swimwear a floppy hat, strolling beside him and holding his hand.

WELL, I CAN DREAM, RIGHT LADIES????! To see more, follow him on Instagram!

Miss Black America Massachusetts 2018; Founder/CEO of Born to Be Unique Consulting, Ordinary x Influence, and To Save a Life Nonprofit; Author of Myth of the Self Made; Crimson Education Consultant Hello! I am a social entrepreneur, speaker, author, & motivational speaker (currently open to be booked for interviews, speaking and event hosting) with a love for Yahweh (God), life, dancing, Christian Ministry, natural beauty, modest fashion, social justice, learning and education, art, service work, travel, nature, business, a good bargain or sale, and helping people to live their "best" lives by leading by example. Follow me on instagram: @rock_n_rawrrr and visit my website to learn more about me and my work at: www.ordinaryxinfluence.weebly.com
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