My Finals Survival Kit from Her Campus

Her Campus and their sponsors sent me a Survival Kit to get through finals!  What was in it, you ask?




Pop Chips:  I can’t stop eating these!  They’re popped instead of fried or baked, so they aren’t as bad for you as potato chips, but they taste just as awesome.


Luna bars: The mini Luna bars are delicious!  The kit came with three flavors: s’mores, white chocolate macadamia, and chocolate dipped coconut.  Love them all, but I’m particularly partial to the s’mores.        


Chipotle Buy One Get One Free Cards: Buy one burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or taco plate, and get the second free.  This needs no explanation.  My friends are going crazy over these cards!



Thanks so much to Her Campus, Luna, Pop Chips, and Chipotle for making my finals week a whole lot more enjoyable!