Music Artist Alert: Head Up in the Clouds with Eric Frisch


     Eric Frisch has an interesting blend of music that I haven't really heard, and thus, I am not sure what to compare it to. It's a mix of rock, jazz, and folk, and it gives me Pink Floyd vibes at times. Eric's new album, "Head in the Clouds" fits this description perfectly. Even more impressive are the instrumentals that complement his soulful voice, which he produced himself. As I'm listening, my mind starts to wonder into a lighter, more airy space, and I'm not sure where my thoughts are headed, but I am looking forward to them nevertheless. Eric's music is quite the experience, and if you are a person who uses music to escape your reality and enter one potentially better in quality and content, I would recommend Eric's music in a heartbeat. He has the effect of pensiveness and daydreaming on the listener; I would strongly recommend not doing anything super important while listening to his music, unless you make it background noise. Otherwise, you might find yourself transported to another reality within minutes and not leaving for hours.


  Eric Frisch is an indie-pop musician from Toronto, now based in New York City. He's performed across Canada, the U.S. and toured internationally, performing at venues like Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, the legendary Greenwich Village rock club, The Bitter End in New York City, and many more.  His work is a nod to classic pop music—a time when lyrics and music melted together sweetly, absent from auto-tune. His voice grips his self-penned lyrics perfectly—a true songwriter that has the musical wherewithal to accentuate and downplay lyrics at the exact right time.

Check out some of his music videos:

  1. Head Up in the Clouds
  2. Late in the Night
  3. The Light Ahead