Megan R '15

Name: Megan Robertson

Hometown: Tewksbury, MA

Class Year: 2015

Dorm: Pond

High School: Phillips Academy Andover

Major: History, Math

Favorite Class: Linear Algebra

Ideal Date: Hiking to the top of a mountain and enjoying a picnic and a beautiful view

Spirit Animal: giraffe

If You Could Visit Any Country in the World, What Would it Be?: Italy

If You Could Have One Super Power What Would it Be?: teleportation

Dream Job: Media (photography, video, etc.) creator for a professional sports team

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Mean Girls/Modern Family

Relationship Status: single

Extracurriculars: 3D Community Service, Photographer/Videographer, basketball, Ed Pros

Craziest Thing You've Ever Done: I can't really think of one, I've lived a fairly tame life, but a fun fact is I have never eaten a PB&J