Meet Rebecca Ford '18

Rebecca Ford '18 is a ray of sunshine.  She is also a writer who hopes to publish a book one day! Get to know Rebecca with Her Campus :)

Tell me about where are you from:

I was born in Brooklyn, NY but I currently live in Bethesda, MD just outside of Washington, D.C.


How does the weather at Amherst compare to the weather back home?:

The summers are more humid in Bethesda but at least the winters aren’t as bitter cold!


Why did you choose to attend Amherst?:

I chose to come to Amherst because I knew it was a great school and it was far away enough from home, but close enough that I didn’t need to fly. Also, who doesn’t love going to school where it’s winter for 85% of the school year! ;)   


What are you interested in both academically and leisurely?:

I am interested in all things reading and writing. I am an English and Black Studies double major. In my free time, I love to act, dance, and catch up on my TV shows: Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Empire and This Is Us.


What are you passionate about the most?:

Art and Social Justice. I want to make a difference through creating art in all types of mediums but right now I’m focusing on creative writing.

Tell me the best memory of your first year:

My floor was really close my freshman year. We had a sleepover during one of the snow days and watched The Breakfast Club. It was a lot of fun!


What are your plans for the rest of your time at Amherst and beyond:

For my last year at Amherst, I plan to write a book (fingers crossed my thesis gets approved), make more memories with friends, and graduate! Beyond that, I’m figuring it out as I go. ☺


What is the best compliment you've received?:

“Great legs!” It’s silly, but my height is something that I love on some days and hate on others so when I get compliments like that, it’s always makes me smile.