Meet Laboni Hoque '19

Meet Laboni Hoque '19 the Georgia native with a dream of becoming a doctor!

Tell me about where are you from:

I’m from Snellville, GA, fondly known as Snellvegas.


How does the weather at Amherst compare to the weather back home?:

It’s pretty different. It’s much hotter obviously, and it snows about once a year. Whenever it snows, everything shuts down. It’s kind of a novel concept for me to have to go school when I see snowflakes outside.


Why did you choose to attend Amherst?:

I liked the small school feel, and I like the color purple. Also, I love the cold.


What are you interested in both academically and leisurely?:

I am majoring in Chemistry and Anthropology here at Amherst. I guess my interests range from physical chemistry to understanding educational differences across the world. One particular aspect of this I find really interesting is how China’s one-child policy has changed educational patterns among Chinese students.  In my free time, I love reading, watching superhero TV shows like Jessica Jones, and singing very badly.


What are you passionate about the most?:

I would like to be a doctor in the future, and I really want to work towards lessening disparities in healthcare access and access to health education, especially for Bengali immigrant populations in the United States.


Tell me the best memory of your first year:

Definitely hanging out in Crappleton common room and meeting some great friends I still have today


What are your plans for the rest of your time at Amherst and beyond:

At Amherst, I hope to gain more confidence in myself, make more people laugh, and have a good time with my friends. After graduation, I would like to eventually go on to medical school and become a doctor.


What is the best compliment you've received?:

Sometimes you’re funny.