Meet Aleks Merkovich '17

Meet Aleks Merkovich, an RC with a double major in Biology and Psychology known for "That guy that spends way too much time in Merrill studying/napping/doing lab work/crying."

Year:  2017

Major:  Biology and Psychology (so basically neuro)

Hometown:  Queens, New York! Home to some of the best ethnic food in the world.

Favorite Val Item: Charlie’s Chicken Sandwich with bacon and blue cheese dressing.

Best memory at Amherst: This may be kind of sad, but I think it was my pre-frosh weekend. There’s something about experiencing Amherst for the first time that’s amazing. I had a blast meeting so many amazing and exceptional people, dancing in the Socials (RIP), eating my first slice of Bacon Chicken Ranch at Antonio’s, and playing video games until 3 AM with my host (shout to Blaine W. ’15!).

What do you think people know you for/as?:  That guy that spends way too much time in Merrill studying/napping/doing lab work/crying.

Unknown talent: I like to think I’m a pretty good photographer.

Are you on Youtube?: I’m not, but my a cappella group, Route 9, can be found here:

Favorite day of the week: Sunday, which I reserve exclusively for relaxing and self care.

Favorite holiday and why: Probably Thanksgiving, because my family combines traditional Thanksgiving food with Russian food, and it’s delicious.


Something you wish more Amherst students knew: That there are people here that are always willing to help you, no matter the scenario. For example, on an institutional level, when Amherst made it its mission to admit a more “diverse” student body, it clearly wasn’t ready for what that entailed. Many students feel like the college doesn’t support them, and that’s often true. From my four years, I’ve seen the student body mobilize in ways I would never imagine, and we’re definitely a force to be reckon with. However, the fighting isn’t over yet, and there’s more work to be done, and students shouldn’t be afraid to demand the things they need. There are always people willing to listen, whether that be your RC, the AAS, or President Martin herself.


If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?:   Probably a sloth so I could sleep for most of the day.

What brings you joy on campus?:   The view from Memorial Hill!

How much Force power can Yoda output?:  I’m sure there’s some fancy formula I could use for this, but I dropped pre-med sophomore year so I never took physics.

What is the first thing you would do if you were on the Moon?:   Be upset that it isn’t made of cheese.

Shoutouts?:  Definitely the RC fam, where I’ve made so many awesome friends, and my a cappella group, Route 9. Come to our Spring Show (and my last show) on April 21st!