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Meet Akeem Williams ’19


Meet Akeem Williams ’19 a New Yorker, born in Jamaican, with a wide variety of interests from computer science to jazz!

Tell me about where are you from:

Currently, I live in Bronx, NY, but I was born in a small residential community in northern St. Andrew, Jamaica called Temple Hall.


How does the weather at Amherst compare to the weather back home?

Well, if we’re talking about the Bronx, then it’s roughly the same. Slightly colder winters here, but not that big of a difference. Needless to say however, Amherst, Massachusetts is no Caribbean island. It could use a little bit more sun and humidity… maybe some better fruits…


Why did you choose to attend Amherst?

To be honest, I knew absolutely nothing about Amherst until my senior year of high school. I was considering various colleges in the northeast, none of them being liberal arts colleges, but then my college advisor suggested that I throw Amherst into my list. I’m glad she did because now I’ve realized that this truly is the place for me to be, both academically and socially. I admire Amherst’s rigorous, but flexible curriculum. Classes aren’t too big, and I have made some significant relationships with my professors and friends that I doubt I’d be able to make at a bigger school.

I also like the fact that it’s an easy ride home from here.


What are you interested in both academically and leisurely?:

Academically, I’d definitely say the biological sciences and computer science intrigue me.

Leisurely, I enjoy hanging with friends, writing poetry, playing Jazz music on my trumpet, and playing soccer.


What are you passionate about the most?:

I’m most passionate about soccer. It’s a great workout, and it’s exhilarating rushing down the sideline at full speed with the wind blowing in your face and the thought of executing a great cross or cutting in and making an even better shot. I wish I was better, and I wish I watched more of it, but I truly enjoy playing the sport.


Tell me the best memory of your first year:

My best memory of my first year around Christmas time last year when we were doing Secret Santa. The room was adorned with Christmas lights, and the room smelled of sweet pumpkin spice. Everyone was sitting around cracking jokes and laughing while distributing Secret Santa presents. It just made me realize how lucky I was to have such a chill, close floor last year.

I also got a new soccer ball as my Secret Santa present, so that was cool too.


What are your plans for the rest of your time at Amherst and beyond:

That’s hard to say. Ideally, it would be something science or medically related. It could potentially even correlate with business!

I’m a fan of living in the present though. I just hope that I’m happy and fiscally stable with whatever I end up doing.


What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?:

“You’re a great friend.”

Carina Corbin graduated from Amherst College in 2017 and started writing for Her Campus during her first year. She was a Computer Science and Asian Languages & Civilizations double major that still loves to learn languages, write short stories, eat great food and travel. She wrote for Her Campus Amherst for four years and was Campus Correspondent for 3.5 years. She enjoyed interviewing Campus Profiles and writing content that connected with the Amherst community.
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