Lola Rémy and Derek Garcia

I got the chance to sit down and talk to the French TA, Lola Remy, and the Spanish TA Derek Garcia, probably one of the cutest and funniest couples on campus.  Their hilarious stories and quirky, adorable dynamic had the three of us laughing all the way through.


HC: When did you guys start dating?

DG: Well today’s actually our six month anniversary.  We met right there (points to back of Newport Basement).  I managed to separate her from her friends.

LR: That’s kind of creepy.

DG: (Laughs) Don’t put that in there.  I wanted to talk to you alone.  We started talking and she was cool, and I managed to convince her not to go to the socials that night, and to chill out with me.

LR: Then we started dating like a week after that.


HC: What was your first date?

DG: A week later we went to White Hut.  We had White Hut, we picked it up and we went to the park–that little plaza thing where the fountain is–and we ate the burgers there.  It was really nice.


HC: So what is the most annoying thing about Derek?

LR: He talks a lot and says a lot of–

DG: Stupid shit?

LR: All the things that go through his mind.  That’s the most annoying thing.  Not so much for me, but for everybody around me.

DG: She doesn’t like it when I talk about when she sleeps and stuff.  It was really cute, because one of the first nights that we slept together, I was on the computer and she fell asleep on me, and she started drooling, and I was trying to hold in my laughter.  I was debating whether to take a picture of it or not, but I was like, “Nah, nah, don’t ruin things yet.”  And so I didn’t take a picture but I started laughing and she woke up, and I go, “Baby, you were drooling,” and she wipes her face and goes, “No I wasn’t.  I wasn’t drooling.”  Yeah, she doesn’t like it when I say that.


HC: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for her?

DG: Well, the one I like the most was, when she came to visit during Christmas break, I took her on a sightseeing tour of where I work.  I timed it perfectly to where–I work out in the fields, so there are these hills and everything’s flat, and I went to one of these hills, and it was 5:30–5:45, and the sun was setting, and I got to show her the clouds.


HC: What about Valentine’s day?

LR: We went to 30 Boltwood, and it was amazing.  We had the room just for the two of us and maybe another couple.  We ate so well that day.  It was delicious.

DG: Towards the end of our meal we were waiting for our dessert, and I’m messing with Lola’s hand, and I start messing with this ring she has on, and I take it off her and jokingly put it back on and say “Lola, will you marry my ass?”  And we’re laughing about it, and two minutes later this other waitress comes over with two glasses of champagne and tells us, “I believe a congratulations is in order.”

HC: Did you tell them it was a joke?

DG: Nah, it was good champagne.


HC: What’s the cutest thing about Lola?

LR: Don’t say when I drool.

DG: The cutest thing that I like is waking up to her.  It’s funny how she wakes me up sometimes too, because she’ll do little peck kisses.  I can tell she wants me to move my ass, but I’m really tired.  And I like the way she laughs and says certain words in English.  Do you want to know a thing that annoys me about her?HC: Sure.

DG: I’m always hot.  It’s always hot in my room.  And she’s always cold.  So we have battles over the heater.  She’ll raise it without telling me.  I’ll go to the bathroom and she’ll get up and raise it, and I’ll do the same thing too.  The other day I was like, “Look, look, there’s a bug on the wall,” and she turned and then I lowered it.