Klee '14

Name: Kristen Lee


From: Los Altos, CA and Seoul, South Korea


Year: 2014


Dorm: Hitchcock


High School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 


Idea Date: "Ideal ideal?  Burrito on the beach in California.  But realistic date?  Dinner and just hanging out.


Spirit Animal: Sea otter


Super Power: Selective mind reading


Dream Job: Marine biologist or astronaut 


Favorite Movie: Pans Labyrinth, Finding Neverland, and Finding Nemo


Most Listened to Song on Your iPod Right Now: “Right There” by Ariana Grande


What Do You Sing in the Shower?: “Turn Your Lights Down Low” by Lauren Hill, and Bob Marley


Relationship Status: Single


Extracurriculars: Golf, Whistle a Happy Tune, Tour Guide


If You Could Visit Any Country in the World, Where Would it Be?: New Zealand or Thailand


Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done: Skinny dipping in Costa Rica (but that’s not that crazy)


Favorite Meal Ever: Buffalo calamari and mac and cheese pizza with Kaitlin Silkowitz


Favorite Val Meal: Turkey burger and ham and gouda sandwich