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How Amherst Seems Like To A Vistor


My roommate had a friend, Abby, over for a weekend, and, near the end of her visit, we asked her about her impressions of Amherst College. Because Amherst is such a small school, it can be easy for me to quickly take things for granted. I found her opinions refreshing and some of her questions unknowingly funny. A notable question that Abby asked was posed after her first meal, “So which dining hall are we going to next?” Some days, Amherst students will head over to Val; other days, they’ll congregate at Val; on better days, there’s good ol’ Val. (And let’s not forget the Zu-ers, who proudly reside in the co-op, off the meal-plan.) 

Q: What did you think of Amherst students?

A: ” All the Amherst students I met were very friendly and helpful! I think they tended towards the more introverted side, but they were very sociable and welcoming.” 

How was the town compared to the city that you’re from? Three words to describe the campus: Have you visited before? How was this visit different than the last? If you were trying to sell this campus, what are some points you’d hit? Amherst reminded you of…

Q: How was the town of Amherst compared to the cities that you’re familiar with? 

A: Compared to both Cleveland, my hometown, and New York City, where I go to college, Amherst is smaller and quieter. I found it very peaceful, and a much-needed solace during my break. It’s also much more beautiful than New York City in the fall: I spent most of my days freaking out about how stunning all the leaves were!

Q: Three words to describe the campus?

A: Quiet, beautiful, studious

Q: How was this visit different than the last?

A: I visited campus once before, during my junior year for college tours. This time was different because I came by myself instead of with my dad, and I wasn’t looking for the perfect school — I was just excited to see a close friend and bask in foliage. Because of that difference, this visit was less stressful, and I feel like I got more of a chance to enjoy myself.

Q: If you were a tour guide, what would you point out about the school?

A:  I’d point out the beauty of the campus, the peacefulness of the town, the kindness of the students, the renovated dorms, and the stellar academics.

Q: Did Amherst remind you of anything? 

A: Amherst reminded me of Cleveland, a bit, in having such a beautiful autumn. But it’s really pretty different than most other places I’ve visited, in a very good way.

Q: What restaurants did you check out in town? 

A: “I went to a Mexican restaurant whose name I don’t remember and Lone Wolf, the breakfast place.”

Q: What was your favorite Val meal? 

A: “On my first night: cheese tortellini and beef short rib. Honestly, I was spoiled by it.”

Hey, for a small, liberal arts school, we’re not doing so poorly. It seems like the campus made a good impression on Abby, and she seemed to be willing to make another visit here. Even though there are things to be changed, I would say that there are plenty of things that can be appreciated, but are overlooked. Facilities staff members maintain our dorms, Val keeps me dining at good times for my health, and the autumn colors that surround the campus are truly breathtaking. There isn’t a better time than now to find something to be thankful about in my life.

Bonnie is a sophomore at Amherst College. Even though she studies statistics, she is interested in technology, pediatric medicine, dentistry, education, and public health.  She spends most of her day trying out new things, like eating an ice cream cone while biking or looking for ways to climb onto campus building roofs. "All over the place" would be the best way to describe her. 
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