Hotspots for Job and Internships Right Now

  1. Amherst College Quest Portal and Career CenterHead on over to the Center Center, and ask someone about Jobs/Internships or just browse them via the Quest Portal! There are so many to choose from: seasonal, part-time, full-time, temporary, summer, remote--arts, finance, writing, teaching, substituting, entertainment, media, and so much more. It works for sure; I have 3 interviews lined up already.

  2. Local Shops and StoresCheck local shops for hire! Food places, clothing stores, finance offices, banks, the library. 

  3. SchoolsThat's right! Check local schools in New England for afterschool programs, summer programs, and substitute teacher hires!  The substitute teacher and university positions are hot right now, and many only require an associate's degree and some experience! Can I say---YASSSSSSS???

  4. LinkedInGet on LinkedIn, and start browsing the plethora of jobs, internships, and opportunities out there! Also, make use of your network, slide into some DMs to see if someone you know, knows of a job and can put in a good word for ya.

  5. SmartRecruiterDon't like networking too much? SmartRecruiter sends jobs right to your inbox for you to check out. Plus, many businesses just use this to hire and recruit anyway, so why not browse jobs and get to applying?

  6. HerCampus Job BoardYes, Her Campus has a job board! Get to scrolling buddy!

  7. Born to Be Unique ConsultingDo you want to feel like this? Find in-person and remote jobs and internships that will always make you feel purposeful.

  8. CraigslistNo seriously! Before there was LinkedIn, there was Craigslist. LinkedIn is specifically a professional network, and Craigslist allows for everyone to network about just almost anything (including relationships of all types though a law has not prevented it). And guess what, people still use Craigslist to upload jobs, careers, networking, and freelance opportunities. I use it like a digital newspaper, and I have found some amazing opportunities. Just do it. At least once.

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think about this list, and feel free to share opportunities with us!