Fashion Show, Runway, Journalism and Communications Opportunity



I heard there would be important people to network with, free-entry to the afterparty for all fashion show team members (but feel free to donate whatever!), and revolutionary styling to see and been seen in! I also heard there will be bomb food and mocktails at the after party too...



Apply to be in or work behind the scenes for the Born to Be Unique Fashion Show (scheduled to be happening at the end of November or the first week of December) at Amherst College!




Benefits:  no experience needed, gender inclusive, great night of entertainment and shopping, as well as a bomb after party--all for a good cause. In addition, you earn experience for a resume booster and may score a paid opportunity with Born to Be Unique afterwards!



What you need to do:  



  1. Apply Here



And wait for an acceptance response.



That’s it.



No literally.



No need to thank me; if you want to purchase tickets to attend the event rather than participate in it, RSVP and buy tickets here.



Hope to see ya there, whether it be ripping the runway or enjoying the experience of watching!