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Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring

Whether you’re obsessed with Katniss Everdeen, avidly follow fashion trends, or really just want your hair out of your face, braids are in season in a big way. While a lot of the more trendy iterations involve complicated twists and turns, here are five simple ways you can have fun with this spring trend:
1. The Katniss: A simple side braid is super easy but way more chic than a sloppy ponytail. If you have long layers make sure to bobby pin the ends of the other side of your hair so everything stays in place. (If you don’t know how to braid- no judgment- here’s an easy tutorial.)

2. Messy fishtail: After seeing Blake Lively wearing this, I’ve become obsessed. It’s a little different than the normal braid, and you divide your hair into two sections instead of three. Take small pieces from the back of each section and add it to the other side. Simply use larger pieces of hair or pull on both sides of the braid for a more messy style. (Here’s a tutorial for that too.)
3. Braided bangs; Perfect for girls with shorter hair, make a small braid with your long bangs or front piece of your hair and pin it in the back to keep your hair out of your face in a pretty way. For a couple of variations on this watch this tutorial.
4. Two braids: Whether you’re going for Pippi or Heidi, braid two pigtails for a cute spring look. If you have longer hair, fishtail braids would also look great.
5. French braid: So this might be a little more advanced (especially to do on yourself), but for a more streamlined look, make a French braid. This one is also good for sports if you don’t want to just go out with a ponytail, as it’s sure to really get the hair out of your face without the use of bobby pins. Here’s a tutorial.

I hope you enjoy these hairstyles! If you practice with these maybe you might be able to work up to this:
Or maybe not.

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