Destinations for Fun Trips Near Amherst

Two weeks ago, I realized that if I wanted to go on senior trip, I needed to start planning three months ago.  However, my astute ability to search trip advisor and the push from senioritis hto procrastinate all my work helped me t successful choose a location.  During my search, I wished I could just go to an article compiled for college students in the Amherst area/Western Mass to travel and just look through their choices.  Since I didn't find ones that met my needs, I decided to write one myself to help someone else.  

New York City

Duh!  Everyone in Amherst goes to New York City at least once.  You can enjoy walking on museum mile, strolling through Central Park, going to see a Broadway show, taking pictures at Time Square, window shopping on 5th avenue, getting bagels in Williamsburg, enjoying Korean food in Flushing...the list is endless.  As a native New Yorker, I'd suggest trying food from different cultures and just eating as much as you can.



Around this time of year it's a little cold, but Nantutucket is well known for its beaches! It's a little far from Amherst so you would have to eit to balance ourher get an uber or zipcar, but you can easily spend a weekend with friends, enjoying local food and playing in the sea.


Cape Cod

Like Nantucket, Cape Code is also a little cold around this time of year.  However, they have a boardwalk in addition to a beach which could be more fun to navigate in the cold.  It's a popular destination for Amherst students, so while it is far, it maybe easy to carpool.



If you want a bit of an adrenaline rush, take a 45 min drive to Springfield and go to Six Flags. The best part is that the park is usually open even if it is raining.  The light drizzle keeps lines short so you really get your money's worth when you ride the same rollercoaster again and again!



Take a tour of Brown University and enjoy downtown Providence.  I recently visited and fell in love with the little town.  You should also consider visiting Newport if it isn't too cold where there is a boardwalk and beaches similar to Cape Code.



It's also pretty far, but perhaps worth a visit if you would like a sample of the United States strange history with witch trials.  It is now a haven for wiccans and other magic practicers and can be a fun, unique vacation spot.



Like New York City, Amherst students visit here at least once.  You can hop over to Cambridge and visit Harvard, MIT and Boston U or you can visit the Boston aquarium.  There is plenty of food to enjoy and bus tickets are cheap and plentiful.


I hope this inspired you to take a vacation after school ends and enjoy Western Massachusetts.  If you'd like a stay-cation I would recommend: hiking the trails, visiting the other five college campuses, sampling food in Northampton, enjoying ice cream at Flavors or stargazing on tuttle hill.