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Content Managers and Writers: Tricks and Tips


  1. Scheduling Posts


For instance, on Facebook you can schedule posts in advance. So in your free time, go ahead and schedule posts so that you’re not constantly worrying about whether or not you make content requirements. Also, mark it in your personal calendar or planner as a reminder if you own one.  There are also apps you can use to schedule instagram and twitter posts (Check your app store).


  1. Stockpiling Posts


Go ahead and write in your free time and save posts for future use! This is especially helpful during exam times or when you’re just having one of “those” weeks.


  1. Having a friend to edit (RESUME BOOSTER)


If you are an editor or need another set of eyes, get a friend to be your seasonal (when needed) or regular editor.  Not only will this save you time, but you probably will have an advantage because (generally speaking) friends can see mistakes in your writing better than you can.


  1. Maintaining an article calendar



Going back to scheduling posts and marking them, this is extremely helpful if you use a calendar or planner on a daily (like me).  If you would probably die internally without a planner or calendar, this would probably be the best route to do it. Even better, place the reminder on a brightly colored sticky note in your planner, where you’ll see it.


  1. Lists (Time Crunch)


On a time crunch but need to post articles fast. Go the list route! Not only are lists popular and informative, but they are generally easy to assimilate if you talk about something you actually care about.  If you are just making a list because you’re running out of time to provide content, chances are your quality will be terrible, and you miss out on the perks of providing good content to a large audience.


  1. Scroll through Social Media for Topic Inspo

Need inspiration? Facebook is a HotSpot for it! You can consider your pen and paper your friends who you can “communicate” your stance on topics you have found an interest (or outrage) in!


  1. Writing in Your Free time

I can’t stress enough how important this is.  When you have free time, why not write and give yourself a break from the pressures of providing relatable, informative, quality content that represents the organization you writing for.  When you already have articles piled away and ready to be published, there you have one less thing to worry about accomplishing during your time as a contributor writer because you always have something piled away.

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