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Campus Cutie Jeannette Alhelí Ortega ’15

Name: Jeannette Alhelí Ortega
Hometown: Maspeth, NY
Year: 2015
Dorm: Wieland Dormitory 
Major: Spanish
Relationship Status: In a relationship 
Ideal Date:  Brunch, a walk, and a bookstore.
What Super Power Would You Want: The ability to convey ideas in such a matter that people of different opinions could be receptive to them.
Ideal Job: High School Spanish Teacher or Middle School Math Teacher
Most Played Song on Your iPod: Flawless Remix 
Fave TV show: Criminal Minds and How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)
Country you want to visit: Anywhere in Latin America. I’d start in Mexico and work my way down to southern Brazil!
Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done: Attempted to river tube in a flooding river in Belize.  About twenty minutes in, we had to create a human chain to reach the river bank because the strong currents kept flipping us over in the tubes.  The organization, Xtreme Adventures, realized  we weren’t hardcore enough for the river and they took us to a chocolate shop, where we got to grind roasted cacao and make chocolate hearts. 


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