Campus Cutie Dakota Foster '18

Meet Dakota Foster '18, the first Campus Cutie of the Year!  She is the RC of Morrow and in the top ten for fastest reply to the HC Amherst interview team.


Name: Dakota Foster
Hometown: Brunswick, Maine
Year: 2018
Dorm: I'm RCing Morrow (shout-out to the RC Family and my Co-RC Nelly)
Majors: Intended Political Science and Asian Languages/Civilizations
Relationship Status: Single
Ideal Date: Something outside or sports related, but dinner is cool too. 
Spirit Animal: Wolf
What Super Power Would You Want: I've always answered this question by saying the power to read minds, but the more that I think about it, the more that I realize how truly terrifying that power would be.  I think that the power to travel through time would be incredible.  I would love to go back in history and visit different eras.  
Ideal Job: It's a secret ;)
Most Played Song on Your iPod: In complete honesty, I don't listen to much music, but my top played songs are: Bad Boy by Cascade, Get Buck In Here by DJ Felli Fel, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. 
Fave TV show: It was the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart (RIP), but now I'd have to go with House of Cards or the Blacklist. 
Country you want to visit: Iran
Craziest Thing You've Ever Done: I biked off a bridge.  It was by accident, but still, it happened.