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Are you an Entrepreneur, Activist, Humanitarian? Join this FB Group!

Born to Be Unique Consulting just developed a Facebook group called, BBUC: Enterpreneur Global Collaborative Coalition .

The group requires you to answer 2 quick questions and follow the organization on Instagram to be admitted, and the short requisite is worth the effort.


     An entrepreneur and social entrepreneur support global network for all ages exclusive to humanitarian-focused, social equity-focused, health and wellness, natural products, natural beauty, sustainability, herbalism and traditional medicines, holistic health and wellness, spiritual, social justice, educational, and/or faith-based for-profit and non-profit startups, businesses, organizations, schools and universities, freelancers, and individual projects that desire to make a difference in the world together. We discuss and think up solutions to the world’s biggest problems, while supporting and promoting the work of our members TOGETHER, as one big family. We also offer resources, tricks and tips, and external opportunities!



  • To bring together humanists, entrepreneurs, and social activists from around the world to collaborate on and implement solutions to world issues, causes, and projects that are important to them

  • To harness a multitude of shared resources amongst individuals and organizations who will use them for the previous objective

  • To find/discover the gaps of what is missing in the world and find someone or an organization to fill those gaps

Opportunities: Endless

  • Speaker/Public Speaking

  • Workshops

  • Guest Posting

  • Media Representation

  • Discounts

  • Free Material to help grow one’s own business, organization, or projects

  • Meet inspirational people, be inspirational; find inspiration

  • Travel

  • So much more!

Join Now!

Miss Black America Massachusetts 2018; Founder/CEO of Born to Be Unique Consulting, Ordinary x Influence, and To Save a Life Nonprofit; Author of Myth of the Self Made; Crimson Education Consultant Hello! I am a social entrepreneur, speaker, author, & motivational speaker (currently open to be booked for interviews, speaking and event hosting) with a love for Yahweh (God), life, dancing, Christian Ministry, natural beauty, modest fashion, social justice, learning and education, art, service work, travel, nature, business, a good bargain or sale, and helping people to live their "best" lives by leading by example. Follow me on instagram: @rock_n_rawrrr and visit my website to learn more about me and my work at: www.ordinaryxinfluence.weebly.com
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