Amherst Town Goat

At the annual Apple Harvest Crafts Fair and Children's Festival this year, this goat stole the show.  He was in a pen with several other goats and some baby pigs, all of whom were adorable.  But this goat was the most vivacious, scampering about and playing with the children.  When it comes to cuteness, competition at the craft fair certainly was stiff.  One stall selling knit scarves had the world's fluffiest bunny on display.  In addition to furry animals, the fair showcased jewelry made out of blown glass, homemade fudge, and delicious cake cookies (I helped myself to one of the white chocolate cookie samples and seriously considered sneaking back for a second).  It's craft fairs and farmers markets like these that remind me how much I love this town.


Here's one of the baby pigs: