Amherst Football Team

In honor of this week’s big game, HC Amherst wanted to give a celebrity shout out to the football team.  Saturday will be the 128th Williams-Amherst football game.  Our rivalry is so epic that the game will be televised live on New England Sports Network.  Damn, that’s cool–I wish they would televise one of our squash matches…  Things are looking good for the Amherst men, because they are 6-1 for the season while the Williams men have a record of 2-5.  Get ready to rush the field (knock on wood)!  In terms of the last 127 Amherst-Williams games, Williams is currently ahead in wins at 71-51-5, but Amherst is catching up!     



If you’re going to the game on Saturday and don’t understand football at all, here are the football basics explained for dummies:

The offensive team has to get the giant, brown, egg (AKA the ball) ten yards.  They get four tries.  When someone drops the ball or is tackled, that’s when they move on to the next try.  That’s why the game stops every two seconds.  If the ball hasn’t made it ten yards by the fourth try, this could be bad news.  The other team will probably get possession of the ball.  The offensive team can either punt so that the other team gets possession further away from the end zone, or they can run like mad and hope to make a touch down.  A touch down is six points.  There’s your start.  The rest of it is pretty much beyond me.  Good luck, and happy Williams game!