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Up All Night: My Sub-Free Friday 9/14/2012

“How much are we going to drink?” I asked my roommate Seewai while looking at the bag of Starbucks Dark Espresso Roast. We were at CVS after going to LimeRed for that buy one get one free bubble tea offer. After eying the Starbucks Doubleshot Energy + Coffee on the snack aisle, we came up with the idea to brew our own espresso shots to drink that evening.

We went back to our dorm and spent the next few hours making a collage on our bulletin board. With a picture of Matt Bomer and a younger version of Leonardo DiCaprio, our board looks all the more ravishing. Unfortunately, we left our door open while we were working on the board, so we attracted a lot of fruit flies.
How? Well, it started this week when we at peaches and left the pits in our trash can for the next three days. During the course of those three days, fruit flies flew into our trash can and started… breeding. Insects traumatize me, so imagine my face when I realize that I just took out trash bag full of flies. Seewai and I made a homemade trap where we put a piece of peach into a plastic cup and covered it with a plastic film from a Ziploc bag. We then sealed it onto the cup and poked tiny holes into the plastic film so that flies would fly in but not come out. We had caught three fruit flies so far, but after leaving the door open, I found that there were over twenty of them flying around in the cup. It wasn’t as bad as the time when I walked into the bathroom of a restaurant and saw flies cover every square inch of the place, including the sink, the toilet and the floor, but it was still nasty.

After dinner, we brewed our espresso shots and went to the third floor for the pizza and game party. We went back to our common room and played UNO, Spoons and Mafia (the mafia eventually became synonymous with Williams). Soon enough, I was on my seventh espresso shot at 11P.M. Acapella groups were running around singing congratulations to my floor-mates for getting in. (Everyone is so musical, I love it.) Afterwards, a guy who I shall not name asked lots of questions about menstruation, pads and tampons and that led to an intense conversation, let’s just say. Every thing that happens here is so weird that it’s not even weird anymore. I ended up staying up with a bunch of people until 6 A.M. And I slept like a baby, despite all those late-night espresso shots.

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