8 Things Girls With Dyed Hair Know Too Well

To my girls with the luscious lilac locks, the bottle blonde hair and the sunkissed highlights, this article is for you.  Because no it may not be your real hair, but you rock it.  Because yes, you CAN get a job with that hair color and you will be the coolest person in that office.  Because...while we get enough attention and recognition for our hair, we deserve to bask it even more.


The Annoying Non-Dyed Hair People Questions

Is that your real hair?  I would dye my hair but I need to get a job, aren’t you worried about that? Isn’t that super bad for your hair? Ugh!  Please just stop with the low-key judgmental questions.  No, we didn’t come out the womb with lavender locks, okay?  But you know what we can still get employed because we are awesome people who just happen to have cool hair.  Okay, it may not be the best for our hair but conditioner and prayers do wonders. Just let us live

The Amazing Compliments

Dyeing your hair is a nerve-wrecking experience.  You wonder how others view you because you decided to stand out.  Compliments essentially say that a person likes that quirky and unique thing you are equally embarrassed and proud to have done.  So, to all you compliment givers out there….thank you!


The slight fear that people won’t recognize you without dyed hair.  More importantly, the amount of people you cause fear and worry because you haven’t touched up your hair dye.  “Wait, wait, I don’t see it.”  Bends my head down.  “Oh thank god, I thought you lost it.”  Uh, sorry?



If you are a dyed hair diva with naturally light hair, you may not understand the struggle.  If your hair's over medium brown, bleach is probably your least favorite part about the whole process. It smells, it may burn depending on the brand and you never actually know how long to leave it on.  I like the well-it’s-kinda-blonde-and-my-hair-hasn’t-melted-off-yet approach


Depending on where you get your hair styled, dyed hair can be seen as the greatest and most fashionable decision you ever made….or your worst mistake.  You always double check to see if their hair dye options have your color in stock just in case all your color washes out. And if they do dye your hair, it’s always 10X better.

The Oops

This happens whether or not you do it yourself or at a salon.  Sometimes, the color isn’t what you expected. This often leaves you a bit disappointed and makes the "Hey, you dyed your hair" conversation a little stressful. We've all said the:  “It was supposed to be X color but…”  Thankfully, most of us end up liking it (or just dye it over).

Becoming The Master of Hair DyeWhenever someone asks me to help them dye their hair, it’s almost as if they asked me to be the godparent of their first child.  I am honored and humbled by your trust in my hands to work magic to your head.  At the same time, if it goes wrong, the guilt is unmeasurable. It’s a lot of pressure, but more of a plus than a struggle.

Meeting Other People With Dyed Hair

“Your Ultraviolet and Passion Pink curls look great!” “I absolutely love your Aquamarine and teal ombre.” There’s something special about meeting other people with dyed hair.  At restaurants, in gas stations or on the way to class, regardless of where we run into each other there is always that silent recognition.  Nice hair. Thanks, I did it myself.