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6 Apps Busy Bees Should Download Immediately (Chromebook Edition)

    I was not aware that Chromebook apps and extensions runs entirely from websites and the net.  As a pro education consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, and leader in a number of organizations and programs, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the fact that I am constantly looking at the computer, and that Chromebook does not make that any easier, as I am constantly using the internet-based apps and extensions.  However, I just learned that there are offline apps that can be used (great!), and there is an offline option for Google Docs, so all hope is not lost, and the world is great again.  However, I will say the fact that a lot of my work is online is perfect for me as a Chromebook user as I am more conscious about online organization and space, and it makes it easier for me to keep up with what I have done recently and where those things are located. I can definitely work more efficiently, but sometimes, that who website and net element can get frustrating. 

But that’s why I have made this article for all you busy bees out there! Here are 6 apps that will help decrease the overwhelming web element of Chromebook and normalize it a bit more so that we can get the most out of owning our Chromebook for those of us who are used to Windows or Mac (aka being able to download software).

  1. SumoPaint​Sumo Paint is an excellent and more advanced replacement of Paint for Windows or GIMP on PC and MAC. Resize, edit, make texts, and paint like the good ole’ days–except with more features! This is excellent for me; as a professional consultant, CC and everthing else for Her Campus, and communications expert, the need to edit photos with text or a retouch is always a must for my work, so it was nice to know there is a free alternative to Windows for Chromebook.
  2. StickyNotes​I cannot tell ya’ll how happy I was to find out that there were free sticky notes of the caliber of that which I used when I had a Windows computer. Heck, I’m still quite ecstatic! I use notes everywhere, and it helps to have this app where I can tap a note and type something really fast that stays on the forefront of my screen. That way, whenever I need to jot something quick and come back to it later, I will be reminded of it as soon as I open my laptop.  Talk about a mini-virtual assistant! I don’t know about ya’ll, but with all the things I have to do and remember, I can be quite forgetful. Thanks Sticky Notes!  (Quick plug:  I am still looking for a real PA–to do my laundry when needed, clean my room, promote stuff, etc.) so please let me know if you’re interested by e-mailing sjones19@amherst.edu ASAP!
  3. Adobe PDF ReaderAlways come in handy and is so necessary. When you read a document nowadays, especially as a businesswoman or leader of an organization, they usually come in the form of PDFs because the documents are more readable with less-disturbed, if disturbed at all, formatting.  It just makes life a heck of a lot easier, especially when you’re in a rush and need to print something quick without checking for crazy formatting. Or if you forgot to print a reading for class and need to get a readable copy asap (without converting it to another doc form). Just get the app/extension.
  4. Google TranslateOne could assume that most people would download this, but it’s just not always the case. No matter what language, get this asap! For quick access to translatable sentences you need to write or to translate a website or document in split seconds, get this app! I am a former Spanish major but am currently still taking advanced Spanish classes, so when I forget to read something for a presentation or discussion, you best to believe Google Translate instantly becomes my best friend. It’s not always 100% accurate, but it’s certainly better than what you had and is generally quite accurate.
  5. HoneyNo matter how much wealth I get, I will NEVER stop searching for bargains and great deals! As a pro stylist and stylista, among all of the other things, I just don’t always have time to do thorough research on the latest coupons and hidden, secret discount codes all over the net. Thankfully, honey is there to be my honey, and help me save some money! Download the app/extension, go to an e-store, and if the icon for the app is lit in the orange color, there is money to be saved! Click on the icon and discount codes will be waiting for you! I hav esaaved at least $500 in the last 2 months using honey alone, and this doesn’t include the e-store e-mail lists I have subscribed to!
  6. Loom

Last but CERTAINLY not least is loom! Become the typical Chromebook tends to have a webcam (mine does), I no longer have to use an external device to record videos and transfer them to edit and then upload to YouTube or whatever social media platform.  With loom, I can record videos for FREE, download them for FREE, and do minor edits like crop, trim, etc. for FREE! There is the option to only use the camera or also record the computer screen and yourself (or what’s in front of the webcam) for FREE, and I was even able to connect my bluetooth speaker to my computer (Chromebook has bluetooth.), and record with the audio from the speaker also being recorded.  Download files directly to your computer, which goes directly to your Google Drive, so all you have to do is go to Youtube or whatever media you want to upload your video to, and take the file from your folder. Ain’t it diviine?????! THANKS LOOM FOR MAKING MY LIFE A LITTLE BIT EASIER!!

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