5 Things That Makes a Woman a Woman by Shatoyia Jones


  1. Her reproductive system that allows for the development and birthing of another human being. Though some women have infertility issues, it still says tons that women are the ones gifted and trusted with the physical and emotional responsibility to birth another human being.

  1. Her emotional strength, which frequently (not always) outweighs her physical.

  1. Her gifts of instinct and intuition.

  1. Her nurturing nature. It is not that men can’t be nurturing, but women have a very obvious, natural pull towards nurturing.Her natural desire to nurture others, whether it be their children or SO.)


  1. Her gifts of communication and womanly influence.


Influence is more powerful than status. Once women realize their influence which is different but just as powerful if not more than a male’s, then they can really either build up or tear down--we got the power. WE just have to tap into it.



Edited by Paulina Cardenas