5 Reasons to Visit Zing Table Tennis! in Easthampton (Solo and With a Group!)

Zing! Table Tennis in Easthampton welcomes you (always feel free to come along!) or you and your friends to welcoming environment and world-class facilities. The 3,800 square foot facility offers 9 tournament tables, high-visibility glare-free LED lighting, 15' high ceilings, and a lounge with a large screen TV.

If all of that doesn't impress you, here are five more reasons to visit Zing!

  1. All Skill Levels Are WelcomeWhether you have no idea what you're doing or have advanced, crazy pro skills, Zing! has its arms outstretched to you! No need to bring a partner, come solo or of course, with ya friends! You can even rent a robot to get in some practice and conditioning, which hits up to 1000 balls in 1/2 hour for $8-$15.
  2. Unique Parties and CelebrationsIt's your world! Get unique with Zing! and let them know you want a paaaaaaarrrrrtttttaaaaaaaayyyy! (Whatever that means.) Birthday, graduation, reunion, wedding, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or just for fun...they got you.
  3. Host a Team-Building EventAgain, it's your world! Why not bond with yo' friends or social groups at Zing! Something new, refreshing and hip? And did I mention futuristic? Show up in costumes for all they care. Do a mock-con event. Basically, do ya thang (respectfully--don't bounce off the walls). If your team is thinking about a fresh new event and place to have it, think Zing!  A perfect way to break the ice with some friendly competition, and they offer pre-set action-packed programs to take the stress off of planning.  From two hours for smaller groups to all day with catering in adjacent rooms for a group of 200.
  4. Full Service Table Tennis Pro Shop and Sales CenterBuy tournament tables imported from Germany, custom-built paddles, and quality recreational equipment.  You'll get expert advice for your playing style and budget. You can even test your gear before you purchase! And if you're looking for a gift to give someone, they offer Gift Certificates!
  5. Women and Men's Leagues and LessonsNeed I say more? 

Ok, maybe a little bit? They have a Women's and Men's League where you are free to come solo or with a group of people. The rates are pretty fair and you get a lot for your money.

Happy Zinging!

For more info: visit the site or call 413-203-5942.