5 Reasons to Join Splash! at Amherst College

  1. Teach Something You're Interested In to Local Elementary to High Schools StudentsIf something interests you and you'd like to teach it, from origamy to a language to belly dance, there is a place for you! There is one day out of every semester where you and everyone else who wants to teach a class (or classes depending on what you'd like to do) to local elementary, middle school, and high school students who register for your class can teach whatever it is you want!
  2. Free FoodFree Dunkins, coffee, juice, and snacks in the morning, and free pizza for lunch for ER BODY!
  3. Free SwagEvery teacher gets a free Splash! T-shirt!
  4. Meet New People
  5. Low Time CommitmentAll of this, for just teaching something you love for only 55 minutes out of one day in the semester! And less not forget it's a resume booster!