5 Good Reasons to Join the Archery Club at Amherst College

  1. It's FREE!

    That's right! Come get your Katniss on for free! We meet every Friday at 4 to head out to the site to practice, but be sure to sign up for a slot first! The club is super popular this year!

  2. Phenomenal and Encouraging Training and Instructors

    Ask anyone and they'll tell you. We are so blessed to have the thorough trainers and instructors that we do.  You can be sure you're in good hands.  That being said, if you've already taken archery or have experience with archery, be open to learning a new form and being corrected--it'll make things a lot more fun! Bonus:  There are very handsome instructors at our training place too...HEHEHHEHE

  3. Free Time to Practice During the Week

    Not only will we be heading to the training range every Friday, but there will be time to practice throughout the week as well on campus!  You'll be like Katniss in no time!

  4. Meet a Diverse Group of People

    Don't be afraid to be yourself!

  5. Get Fit by Having the Time of Your Life!

    Yes darlin'! Doesn't even feel like a workout once you get used to using the bow and arrow! Just FUN, FUN, FUN all the way through!