5 Content Management Tips Part II: Boss Lady Doing Er-Thang Edition

  1. Schedule old-posts for publishing

    Many times we publish an article, promote it once on our social media pages and then never again. Need extra content to post on your social media? Go back through the archives and re-promote some of your favs, most helpful, most popular or most effective. Just because you post it once it doesn't mean everyone has seen it!

  2. Bookmark your Her Campus Chapter's site on Your Phone

    Go ahead and add it to your phone's home screen for easy access to copy links to your social media profiles in a hurry and screenshot/upload pics or excerpts of the related articles, features, profiles, etc. This way you don't have to open your browser, wait for it to load, type in the site address, click on the article and wait for it to load... This is just way easier!

  3. Take Notes of Things that Interest You Throughout The Day That You Can Write About

    You're having publish-worthy conversations with your friends and developing strong opinions.  Why not jot down some subjects, save some links and send them to your e-mail to write about later, or make notes on your phone when you're out having interesting convos on politics, work, and food with your friends??? Downtime can be productive too! Make sure to not spill any "tea" that would hurt your friendships of course! It may be best not to include personal discussions unless you get permission. Also, ask if they would be willing to write a little something on a topic or 2 you all were discussing!

  4. Check Social Media for Inspiration

  5. Profile Your Giveaway or Contest Winners

    Why not get some extra content by profiling your giveaway and/or contest winners? You can even make it a requirement in the content for winners. Just make sure to be fair and reasonable about it!