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2018-2019 Student Group Coordinator Application

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Amherst chapter.

Are you a five-college student interested in deepening your understanding of reproductive justice and student organizing skills? Do you want to play a role in coordinating CLPP’s annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building a Movement for Reproductive Freedom?

CLPP is hiring two Student Group Coordinators to work collaboratively with CLPP staff and Student Group members on fall events and year-round conference organizing. Student Group Coordinators will be responsible for student group planning, staffing events, outreach, social media updates, program evaluations, and facilitating meetings.

Student Group Coordinators have a large role in producing CLPP’s annual conference, including coordinating the Student Group, gathering and implementing Student Group input, acting as a liaison between staff and students, and coordinating the student committees.

This paid position requires a full academic year commitment. The 2018-19 year runs from mid-November 2018 to mid-May 2019. Must be able to work 10 hours/week in the Fall, increasing to 15 hours/week in the Spring.

Be the catalyst for CLPP student community this year! Learn about what you can build in student group in this video.

Priority deadline for applications is Friday, October 19, 12pm.  Five College students are eligible and encouraged to apply. For more details about the position, check out the online application. If you have other questions, feel free to email us!

Job Summary

The incoming CLPP Student Group Coordinators will work with the Program and Communication Specialist under the supervision of the CLPP Deputy Director of Programs and collaboratively with CLPP staff and student group members on public events, student group meetings, trainings, and conference organizing. 

Student Group Coordinators will be responsible for planning and facilitating Student Group meetings and other events and trainings (including reproductive justice workshops, trainings, panels, and conference planning meetings); participating in conference planning and workshop development; managing Student Group conference organizing and committee; serving as liasons between Student Group members and CLPP staff; conducting event and conference outreach; and performing program evaluation.

This position begins November 2018 and continues through May 2019 at 10 hours/week in the Fall semester and 15 hours/week in the Spring.  Candidates must be available to work throughout the weekend of April 12-14, 2019 during CLPP’s annual conference.

This position pays $11/hour.

For more details about the position, check out the SGC Full Job Description and the SGC Monthly Goals.  If you have other questions, feel free to email Marisa Pizii at mpizii@hampshire.edu.


Position Requirements

  • Enrolled at one of the Five Colleges through May 2019. Work-study eligibility preferred, but not required.
  • Div I and Div II students at Hampshire are encouraged to apply. Div III students must discuss the position with their academic committee.


  • Ability to work in teams and to empower leadership of peers
  • Willingness to incorporate direction and feedback into creative work plans that include design, implementation, facilitation, or providing logistical support for events
  • Working knowledge of Hampshire offices and the local area
  • Have existing (and ability to build) networks in the Five Colleges and beyond
  • Comfort with public speaking; working knowledge or interest in facilitation
  • Ability to be flexible and to fit into existing systems of organization
  • Ability to work across difference
  • Design/video skills a plus
  • Comfort with word processing, email communication, speaking on the phone, maintaining excel spreadsheets
  • Detail-oriented
  • Interest and knowledge in reproductive rights and social justice issues
  • Growing understanding of systems of oppression and intersections of social justice issues

Hiring Process

  • Priority deadline for applications is Friday, October 19, 12pm though we will accept applications through Friday, October 26
  • Interviews (either via Skype or in-person) will be conducted from October 24 through November 7.
  • Hiring decisions will be made by Friday, November 16.



Sounds good? Get the application here!

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