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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Amherst chapter.



   From starting a girl’s empowerment group in elementary school, a small business in high school selling leftover snacks and charging interest on credit to her peers to student leader and mentor at her high school and in her community to current social entrepreneur, freelancer, and consultant on the rise, Amherst College student and former student of Carroll High School (Monroe, LA),  Shatoyia Jones is a force to be reckoned with. A lover of life and learning, she shows that age does not dictate what one can achieve. An understanding of the quality and profundity of a “child-like” approach to consulting is one of the many tokens of wisdom she attributes to her accumulating success.


     Honing in on her talents at a young age, she has worked with her non-profit Born to Be Unique in Christ: To Save a Life since 2012, first starting as a blog, advice column, and tutoring platform and has since transformed into an active platform of community engagement, upliftment, and education, recently developing a 4-month educational program for Western Mass Youth and Young Adults. As inspiration from the use of her natural gifts in her community and public service work, she has now developed a holistic health and wellness e-consulting company, Born to Be Unique Consulting, which offers over 20+ services from branding to leadership to management to writing and content creation. Born to Be Unique Consulting understands the power of collaboration, the genuine definition of innovation, and the fruits of honesty, transparency, and quality work that is “nothing short of excellence.”


     She also currently works as a global literacy mentor for Reader to Reader and extracurricular and leadership consultant for Crimson Education, in which she helps create, develop, and implement international Capstone Projects, as well as build stand-out resumes and college admission narratives. On top of managing a full-time student schedule, she is a member of Forte Rising Stars, recently being accepted into their Business and Leadership Conference, a guest workshop host at this year’s Consortium for High Achieving Students of Color at Trinity College, and is a leader for multiple organizations, including Her Campus, the #1 media for collegiate women, where she serves as Campus Correspondent, Senior Editor, and Director/Management of Budgeting/Finance, Recruitment, Event Planning, and Social Media and Marketing.


     Her work is informed by a foundation of years of experience, positive reviews, referrals, significant results, trusted relationships with clientele, thorough, hands-on and ongoing research and, as a result, an extensive resume and experiential basis. With 10+ years of combined professional and unprofessional non-profit, volunteer, faith-based ministry and outreach work, entrepreneurial, mentoring, advising, leadership, tutoring, and writing experience, 5+ years of combined general consulting experience, 2+ years of education, leadership, and project development/management consultancy with Crimson Education, you can be rest-assured that you are in critical, strategic, and analytically competent hands of an expert and leader who genuinely cares not only about making your startup, business, organization, or project successful, but creating a foundation of transparency and innovative ethical consistency with clients.


Some stand out features that sets her consulting apart:


  • “Child-like” mentality approach

  • Holistic health and wellness, faith-based consulting and freelance work

  • Exclusive to for-profit and nonprofit social equity-based, humanitarian, faith-based, and social entrepreneurial startups, grassroots, organizations, businesses, and  individual projects

  • Customized Options for almost every budget plan

  • Personal Stylist and Style Consulting

  • Donates 20% of all consulting proceeds to public service, her non-profit, and other non-profits/charity work

  • Offers a unique referral partnership program (i.e. mental health and wellness) so that no client who comes to her leaves empty-handed.


To learn more about Jones’ consulting company, non-profit, and accolades, visit her website.

Miss Black America Massachusetts 2018; Founder/CEO of Born to Be Unique Consulting, Ordinary x Influence, and To Save a Life Nonprofit; Author of Myth of the Self Made; Crimson Education Consultant Hello! I am a social entrepreneur, speaker, author, & motivational speaker (currently open to be booked for interviews, speaking and event hosting) with a love for Yahweh (God), life, dancing, Christian Ministry, natural beauty, modest fashion, social justice, learning and education, art, service work, travel, nature, business, a good bargain or sale, and helping people to live their "best" lives by leading by example. Follow me on instagram: @rock_n_rawrrr and visit my website to learn more about me and my work at: www.ordinaryxinfluence.weebly.com