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Come to learn more about Her Campus Amherst and the fierce group of women behind it, Ask Questions and/or pick a position on the team! We have just reached P I N K Status in the HC Network and are thrilled about the bigger and better things to come! Like us, Tell ya friends and come grab a hot beverage and chat with us!

With our new pink status, we have so much to talk about! Bigger and better things coming this semester, and that means first dibs on all goodies for team members!

Ask questions, know more about what we do, and possibly join the team!

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Hope to see ya there!

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Miss Black America Massachusetts 2018; Founder/CEO of Born to Be Unique Consulting, Ordinary x Influence, and To Save a Life Nonprofit; Author of Myth of the Self Made; Crimson Education Consultant Hello! I am a social entrepreneur, speaker, author, & motivational speaker (currently open to be booked for interviews, speaking and event hosting) with a love for Yahweh (God), life, dancing, Christian Ministry, natural beauty, modest fashion, social justice, learning and education, art, service work, travel, nature, business, a good bargain or sale, and helping people to live their "best" lives by leading by example. Follow me on instagram: @rock_n_rawrrr and visit my website to learn more about me and my work at: www.ordinaryxinfluence.weebly.com
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