Why Stacey Abrams Could Change Politics in Georgia Forever

As an intern for the "Stacey Abrams for Governor" campaign, I got a close-up look at how politics can greatly affect everyone’s individual rights and liberties. In the great political divide that plagues America today, Stacey Abrams might be one of the only politicians willing to cross party lines to effect real change. Historically, Georgia has been a ‘red state’ with a long record of Republican governors. Georgia even voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. However, if Stacey Abrams is elected in November, this will indicate a significant change in voting pattern since 2016.

Here's a little background on the could-be Georgia governor: As a new graduate from Yale Law School in 1999, Abrams was a tax attorney focused on public health, tax-exempt organizations, and public finance. After a few years in her law profession, she was appointed as Deputy City Attorney for Atlanta. Following this, she represented House District 89 in the Georgia General Assembly for a decade. Abrams was the Minority Leader for her party (D) and her claim to fame was her ability to cooperate with Governor Nathan Deal (R) to reform and refinance the HOPE scholarship, which allows students in Georgia to go to college with limited student debt. Abrams’ numerous accolades display her ability to work across party lines to effect virtuous, substantial change. For example, Abrams received the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award from the Harvard University's Institute of Politics in 2012. This award honors an elected official whose work signifies the impact of their elective public service as a way to address public discord and related issues. Additionally, in 2014, Governing Magazine, an award that acknowledges public officials for across-the-aisle political accomplishments, named Abrams a Public Official of the Year. 


Here, Abrams made the cover of the South Issue of the Times. The article describes her rise to political power and how she could win Georgia.


During my internship, I collected a few quotes from my supervisor and a few regular volunteers who wish to remain anonymous. The question I asked was quite simple: Why do you volunteer your time every week/weekend to help get Stacey Abrams elected?

My supervisor, the Regional Organizer: “Stacey Abrams will change my life, my kid’s lives, and their kid’s lives and so on. She is dedicated to helping shape Georgia into a state where success is common. She believes in equal rights and equal opportunity and won’t stop until equality is achieved. Georgia can elect her and I want to say I was a part of that. The first African American woman as governor is monumental and I want to tell my grandkids I helped do that. I didn’t sit back and watch our country fall and crumble; I did something.”

Volunteer #1: “I have been a teacher for 17 years in the city of Atlanta. I have a masters degree and I have one of the lowest paying public sector jobs in the United States. First of all, with Abrams as governor, education will be equalized for all children from all walks of life. All Georgians will receive an education regardless of socio-economic status, race, religion, etc. Education will be prioritized (finally) and I will be able to sleep easy knowing someone is looking out for me and my children.”

How could Stacey Abrams change Georgian politics for the better? 

If elected, Abrams would be the first African American, female Governor in the history of the United States. Having a black woman in power could change the lives of African Americans and women alike across the state. Since Georgia has a long-standing history of oppression against the black community across the state, having Abrams as Governor could empower and give legitimacy to the Black Lives Matter movement and end police brutality and crimes against black residents indefinitely. Atlanta is also one of the fastest growing cities in the south with an influx of refugees and immigrants. But Atlanta is also a hub for crime. Abrams promises to decrease jail populations, enact robust anti-discrimination laws, and ensure protection against harassment in the workplace. Her election would be monumental because of her unparalleled dedication to improving the lives of Georgians. With the polls showing a dead even race for both candidates, there is only one thing we can do to ensure the growth and development of our state: VOTE!

Every vote counts. And if you wish to see a change in American politics, make sure you apply for your absentee ballot and register to vote! Even if you can't vote for Abrams, there are exceptional, change-minded individuals running for office across the country--so be sure to vote this November and be a part of that change! 



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