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Before coming to college, my thoughts on Greek life were based on Amanda Bynes getting hazed in “Sidney White” and Zac Efron and Dave Franco hosting outrageous parties in “Neighbors”. I definitely believed in the common stereotype of Greek life. However, it wasn’t until my aunt told me about her experience in a sorority and recommended I look into it once I got to school that my perception changed. Once I learned more about the Greek community at AU, I fell in love. Each organization is very supportive of the others and have a lot to offer with regards to service and academics.

My first semester in college was tough, I felt like I didn’t find my place on campus and didn’t have a solid group of friends. Rushing a sorority was my last chance at finding friends at school before I filled out a transfer application. However, the day I accepted my bid to Sigma Kappa started a new chapter. Little did I know that all of the women I was surrounded with in the room that day would become the best support system and friends.

That is what being in Greek life is all about: having the support from your sisters. Whether you are having a meltdown in the library about an exam the next day, got your dream internship, orwant to take a drive to get the best ice cream, you always have your sisters by your side.  I finally understood what my aunt was talking about, and now it is the best decision I have ever made to be a part of the Greek community.

Today, I am honored to be a part of an organization full of smart, talented, and humble women. They have helped me come out of my quiet shell, and joined me on many adventures, including driving around Chicago all day, running around in black at midnight hunting for a hat, having a dance party on the National Mall during the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and binge watching the Rocky movies.These are jsut a few of the memories I will never forget.

Not only have they shared good times with me, but also tough times. Their words of support and encouragement lift me up whenever I am down. Looking back at myself two years ago, I definitely have grown. I went from being quiet and shy to an outgoing leader in an incredible organization I call my second home. A home with a family who has helped me become stronger; I will always be thankful to have the women of Sigma Kappa in my life.

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