Where Are They Now? Miranda Lang: 2016 CAS Woman of the Year

Last year, Her Campus American honored 5 women on American University’s campus for their incredible contributions to the AU community and beyond. One of those woman was Miranda Lang, CAS ’17, whose commitment to social justice is inspiring. With the guide of her mentor Professor Stef Woods, Miranda raised over $3,000 to purchase menstrual hygiene products for Thrive DC. For those experiencing homelessness, not having access to menstrual products can be devastating, so Miranda tirelessly worked to alleviate that issue. As Miranda prepares to graduate with a degree in American Studies, Her Campus American caught up with her to hear about all of the amazing things she’s done since being awarded CAS Woman of the Year.

Her Campus American: Last year you were honored as our CAS Woman of the Year. How did that feel?

Miranda Lang: It was such a welcomed surprise! I remember sitting in the library and receiving the e-mail announcing I had won. I promptly left the library and had a "treat yo self" day! It was an honor to be nominated by one of my peers (a good friend and sorority sister!) for something that yes, I had worked hard on, but was only the tip of the iceberg.

HC AU: We were impressed with a fundraiser you held to get menstrual hygiene products for the homeless. Have you done anything similar since?

ML: I have not done anything similar since. I did, however, have the opportunity for intern for Thrive DC, which was the beneficiary of my project. I worked as the Development Intern and got a first hand look at raising money from the non-profit point of view. It was very interesting and will certainly shape any future fundraising I do!

HC AU: What other things have you been up to in the past year?

ML: In the past year I have interned for Thrive DC and ReThink Media, a social media non-profit bringing online tools to other non-profits working in human rights. I have also had the opportunity to work in social media content creation and advertising, which is a passion I discovered from my fundraiser. (I previously served as Website Administrator for my sorority and currently serve as the Website Administrator for my dad's mayoral campaign and my mother's boutique.)

HC AU: Have you been met with any challenges in the past year in achieving your goals?

ML: The biggest challenge I have been met with so far is considering the value of my degree versus where I want to go in the future. I would not have the passions and interests I have now if it weren't for American Studies; however, I am contemplating whether or not a Communications/Marketing degree is the next step.

HC AU: As you prepare to graduate, what are your goals in the next five years?

ML: My goals for the next few years is to pursue more opportunities that help me determine if a Communications/Marketing degree is right for me. I am interested in working at a social media marketing company to test those waters! I also want to work on my photography and graphic design skills, many of which I had in high school and lost somewhere along the way in college. 

HC AU: What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in your future?

ML: One thing I'm looking forward to in my future is experiencing Washington, D.C. as a post graduate and all the possibilities that will offer.

HCAU: Anything else to add?

ML: Thank you to Her Campus American for supporting the dreams and hard work of women on our campus!


Photo belongs to Miranda Lang.