What Your Search History Says About You

I admit it: I’m a hardcore Googler. Any time I have an issue in my life from forgetting how to spell fridge to wondering if someone is lying to me . . . I Google. Maybe search engines aren’t the most ideal therapist but the advice is free! Even if sometimes advice that’s not actually helpful. When I search for Google’s help I want at least three online quizzes, numbered lists I can scan, first hand experiences, and lots and lots of opinions from strangers. 

I like reminders that other people think and feel what I do, and how they have dealt with it. I also Google things when I need entertainment. Maybe it’s because I don’t have my own Netflix account, but I am fully entertained by reading juicy articles online. Like is my man cheating?? I don’t even have a man but I’m so intrigued. Now that I’ve come to think about it, what I tend to search probably says a lot about me. And by extension, what anyone searches on Google for sure has some indicators about them. So here is what I think your search history says about you!



1. The Word Searcher

We’re all guilty of forgetting how to spell words, what a word means, and plenty of embarrassing moments where we have to Google something we learned in first grade. For me there are many and I think that’s a common issue. Anyway, if you’re someone who is always searching for spelling you’re more than just a less competent speller. You’re also someone who likes to prevent mistakes before they happen. You’re careful, cautious, and not about to let yourself look bad. You won’t catch me misspelling “definitely” but you may catch me avoiding the social death that is a real bad typo.

2. The Depth Diver

I find myself enjoying online quizzes that tell me what my personality is based on Hogwarts houses, Frozen characters, and even what cereal I am (Lucky Charms). And I also often look up questions about emotional intelligence, what questions to ask to really know someone, and anything that brings me closer to knowing myself and how I can improve. If you’re like me and like looking up deep thoughtful things that help you get to know yourself then yes, you’re deep and thoughtful, but you’re also someone who hunts for knowledge. You don’t just want answers you want more questions. You like to dig deep and explore all that you can learn about how to better live life.

3. The Dating Advice for Dummies

One of my slightly secret hobbies is reading online dating advice. I find it fascinating. I find comfort in not being the only hopeless romantic on the internet along with relief that my love life could be worse. I think people who read dating advice aren’t just those who struggle with their dating acrobatics but are those who trust others. The kind of people who look for advice on the internet are more likely to believe a Medium article when it says he’s the one. Online dating advice articles can also be entertaining. I recommend taking them with a grain of salt, but for sure put it on your popcorn. Anyway, if you like reading about other people’s catastrophes and desperation with love, then you’re someone that’s open. You trust and care easier than others, but are also good at paying attention and learning from other people’s mistakes.

4. The WikiHow Wanderer

Yes, WikiHow is known for goofy articles like “How to Act Like a Mermaid at School,” and other oddities. But hear me out, WikiHow has a place on my shoulder as my conscience and also a place in my heart. For comfort on how to do basic things or how to start a new hobby, WikiHow is perfect. The pictures can be funny, but the website seems sincere in some way, like it really wants to help me, and I appreciate that. If you’re someone who likes WikiHow then you’re someone who is not afraid to ask for help. If you’re with a group and lost, you’re either the one who suggests to or is the one to ask for directions. You aren’t hesitant to ask a professor for assistance, and you’ll be successful because asking for help comes so naturally.

5. The Lyrical Looker

Some people are okay with mumbling along to nonsense. Other people have downloaded the Genius Lyrics app and are always quick to find out the real meaning or phrase in a song. If you always look up lyrics when you discover a new song or make sure to learn every word to all your favorites, then you’re a Lyrical Looker. This means you’re someone who doesn’t like gray area. You don’t want to hum along in life. You want to know what you’re singing and its meaning immediately, and this part of you that believes in clarity shows.

6. The Gossip Guru

Celebrity Stalker? No shame, no private tab, just all the drama. If you like to spill tea that isn’t yours then this is you. There’s nothing wrong with this so long as it doesn’t get unhealthy. Keeping up with the chaos of lives that aren’t yours is fine, but it also means you’re a little bit of a snooper. You’re the kind of person that can put their nose into information that may not belong to them. It’s okay to invest yourself in celebrity drama, but make sure you don’t get caught up in your own or your friends’ drama. Now, it’s not all bad, you’re probably someone people come to for information and maybe even advice as well. So so long as you don’t overplay your hand, you can continue to be yourself and love yourself for your gossip gobbling.

7. The Hobby Hoarder

Most people’s search histories are eclectic. For me “how to cut up a pomegranate” is instantly followed by “synonyms for evil.” But sometimes seemingly random searches add up to reveal our values. For me, I search things that without context may seem weird, but are usually related to whatever poem or story I’m currently writing. Also, I’m studying music theory so all the searches of “B major ascending scale” is not random but a sign of a hobby I’m pursuing. If many of the things you search are related to your activities whether that be a devotion to wolf culture, discovering the most absurd Dad joke, or even more regular hobbies like reading, fishing, or playing an instrument, then you’re a Hobby Hoarder. You’re always trying to perfect your hobby or hobbies. You’re a person that believes in self-improvement, and that’s something that draws people to you.

In the end, it's good to not take what you search too seriously. The best takeaway from checking over what you search is here and there learning more about yourself, even if it's just what words you need to learn how to spell. So go forth and before you clear that search history (to prevent anyone knowing you searched whether moldy bread will kill you) maybe take a peek! Glance at where your natural curiosity takes you and I hope you learn something new!

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