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Dreams are a funny, private part of our lives. Sometimes we wake up having no idea why we keep dreaming about monkeys stealing our shoes. Sometimes dreams make us cry, terrify us, or haunt us even in the daytime. Reoccurring dreams are sometimes very telling, but it matters that you know what to look for. Here are some common aspects of dreams to look out for and what they mean.

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Clothes in dreams

For me, my only real reoccurring dream motif is clothes. I have been dreaming about trying on clothes for years. Eventually, I began to wonder why. According to Dream Astro Meanings dreaming about clothes means one is going through inner changes. As someone who is a believer in bettering myself and adapting I think this is accurate.

Being chased

According to the Huffington Post, dreams about being chased imply avoidance. This means your subconscious is picking up on some person or issue you are avoiding in your life. So if you’re having a lot of dreams in which you’re being chased perhaps reflect on if there’s something you’re attempting to ignore or get away from. 

Dreams of performing

If you dream of being on a stage with all those big lights and dream about it continuously, it’s time to dig deeper. According to Auntyflo.com this means you require admiration and attention. You want recognition for your talents. More can be understood based on the audience in the dreams reaction, or maybe if there is no audience.

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Teeth falling out

Most people have experienced a dream in which they lose their teeth. Why is this so common? According to Deltadentalwa.com and Mentalfloss.com dreams of losing teeth symbolize some sort of loss of confidence. Your brain is recreating an embarrassing loss. Perhaps in your life your self-esteem has dropped. You feel helpless. If you often dream about losing your teeth, take stock in your confidence.


According to verywellmind.com dreams about falling are about fear. It’s a sign something has fallen apart in your life. That you feel like there’s no ground beneath your feet. No security. So if you’re dreaming about falling, what is wrong in your life? Examine how you’ve been feeling and what fears are leaking into your dreams.

In the end, understanding dreams can be analyzed by many people but the best person to understand your dreams is you. Knowing oneself and being able to analyze reoccurring dreams and motifs in your dreams may help bring clarity. Sometimes the answer to why you’re having a dream is buried within your unconscious feelings. So the best way to understand a dream is to think about how you’ve been feeling and what you’ve been dealing with. Dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves, but in the end, they are often elusive.

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Grace Hasson is a dedicated writer and poet. She is studying English literature and music at American University. She is a part of the class of 2022.
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