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What We Loved and Hated About the Gilmore Girls Revival (Spoilers!)

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is here, and now that it’s been over a week since its release, here are a few things we loved and hated about the Netflix revival:

What we loved:

1. Emily Gilmore’s newfound independence… and that time she wore jeans!                  

Emily Gilmore is a woman of great class, sharp wit and attitude (we see where Lorelai gets her quick comebacks). The death of her husband Richard (and real life actor Edward Herrmann) drove Emily towards a lifestyle change that we’ve never seen throughout her time on Gilmore Girls. Between her hilarious outbursts towards the women of the Daugters of the American Republic to her moving to Nantucket with her maid’s entire family, Emily has become an independent woman moving on with her life despite being faced with an unimaginable loss.

2. Luke and Lorelai FINALLY getting married

Lorelai and Luke have been a roller-coaster of breakups and makeups and have had to watch each other love other people for years. They’ve been each other’s shoulder to cry on and have finally realized that they were meant to be together all along. While Rory’s boy drama has had fans divided on who she should be with, the majority of the “Gilmore Girls” community cheered when these two finally tied the knot.


3. Rory’s book and Lorelai telling her to drop the “the” making it “Gilmore Girls”

This show was and will always be a tale of a mother and daughter surviving and then flourishing despite all adversities. Rory was given the opportunity to further her education, and become a terrific writer and Yale graduate who could write a book like this, because of Lorelai. This makes the book a significant symbol in the series as well as making this “Gilmore Girls” fan extremely proud of Rory.


What we hated:

1. Rory and Logan’s complete disregard for their current partners

I’m one of the biggest advocates out there for Rory and Logan but the lack of remorse from both parties when Rory cheated on her boyfriend of two years and Logan on his fiancé was hard to watch at times. While Rory was right to put her career first and not marry him right out of college, she has no right to go back to him years later and pretend like their lives haven’t changed significantly since then. Logan and Rory chose to pick up where they left off every time they were in each other’s vicinity, disregarding how this hurt other people and stoping them both from moving on emotionally.

2. Christopher’s Last Scene

Okay, I know Christopher can be the worst sometimes but he’s Rory’s father! They remained close throughout his up and down relationship with Lorelai and their last onscreen conversation was down right cold. After everything we’ve seen from Christopher from season to season, I think he deserved a better send off than a hostile conversation with his daughter in the office that he swore he would never take from his father. Everything we loved about him, his goals to be successful on his own, his love and pride for Rory was not shown in the one and only scene he was in in this revival.

3. Sookie flaking… again

Mellissa McCarthy has a busy schedule now that she’s one of the top comedic actresses in the business, I get it I really do. But Sookie abandoning Lorelai and the inn for two years was a trend that was all too common during their friendship. Sookie missed countless meetings and let Lorelai down over and over again when they first decided to go into business together. It’s disappointing to see their friendship consumed by Sookie’s selfishness.


What we’re not so sure about:


Making the last two words of the revival “I’m pregnant” was a genius way to bring the show full circle. It ended the show where Lorelai’s story began, getting impregnated by a wealthy man. The difference lies in the relationships Lorelai and Rory have with the fathers of their children. While Lorelai loved Christopher and decided she wanted to do it alone, she was sixteen! Rory is a woman in her thirties having the baby of a man she hasn’t been able to let go of for over ten years. I find this ending to be inconclusive to Rory’s story, leaving many questions, such as does she tell Logan about the baby? Does he break off his engagement? Does she even want him involved? We have been committed to Rory and seen her grow up, we deserve to know this baby’s effect on her relationship as well as her career.

Whether you loved it, hated it or are somewhere in between I think we can all say that we were thankful for Lorelai and Rory gracing our TV screens once again this Thanksgiving.


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