What to Expect at the 2017 Oscars

Social media recently exploded with the announcement of the Oscar nominations for this year. From "La La Land" breaking the record with 14 nominations, to Justin Timberlake's hit "Can't Stop the Feeling" from his movie "Trolls", we are pumped to see what will happen in less than a month on ABC. Here are some predictions of what will happen that night from host Jimmy Kimmel and many of the high-profile attendees. 

Guillermo Will Take Tequilla Shots

For the past few years, Jimmy Kimmel's side kick Guillermo has covered the red carpet at the Oscars. He has his own style of interviewing...by taking tequilla shots with the stars! With Kimmel hosting this year, there's a good chance Guillermo will make an appearance, and what is better than appearing with tequilla and being in the actual theater with the stars? Guillermo will probably run through the aisles asking stars like Emma Stone and and Denzel Washington if they want a quick pick me up.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will perform "City of Stars"

One of the 14 categories "La La Land" is up for is best song with "City of Stars". In the film, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sing it together while Gosling plays the piano. Usually for each show, all of the nominees in that category perform at the live show. If you have not seen the film yet, the Oscars will be your chance, to catch Stone and Gosling as the ultimate duo when they perform the hit from their beautiful film. 

Matt Damon Will Interrupt Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon always have beef with each other on TV. Whether through couples therapy or Kimmel not allowing Damon on his show, they spark huge laughs from the public. Since Damon is an A-list celebrity, there's no doubt that he will be in the crowd at this year's show. He managed to interrupt Kimmel's Emmy opening monologue, and with him as the Oscars host, Damon will definitely find a way to start a brawl. Don't worry, their tensions are not actually serious because they get everyone to laugh.

Viola Davis Will Dazzle the Crowd

If you missed this year's Golden Globes (or have been livng under a rock and have missed many Oscars and Golden Globes), Viola Davis always wins the public eye with her fabulous dresses. She has graced the red carpet flaunting gown colors ranging from yellow to green and pink. No matter what she wears, Davis always pulls it off and looks incredible. Since Davis is up for best supporting actress for her role in "Fences", she will definitely wow everyone with what she decides to wear this year.

There Will Be Political Commentary

There has not been a huge celebrity event since Trump's innauguration. However, at all awards shows, there has always been references to Donald Trump whether it's an impression of him or making a joke about something he has said. Now that he has sworn in as our president, it will be fascinating to see what jokes Kimmel has up his sleeve. 

The countdown to the Oscars starts now that the nominations are out. It'll be a night filled with stars dressed by the best designers, funny jokes from Jimmy Kimmel, and of course winners! Don't forget to tune in to ABC on Sunday February 26 for this celebration of film!

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