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What Class Registration Is Like As Told By “The Mindy Project”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

So with the end of the spring semester fast approaching, registration for fall semester courses is on the horizon. New classes, new classmates, and new professors? Yes please!

You go online to check out classes and find several that are perfect for you. That one SIS class with that professor that your friend said was awesome? Check. That required ECON class for your major? Check and check. You craft the ultimate schedule with the best times and professors… nothing can go wrong right?

Several priority registration dates pass and you watch most of your ideal classes get filled before you have a chance to say goodbye. Maybe that perfect schedule wasn’t meant to be, after all?

Moving on to plan B, your registration date arrives and you’re determined to beat the online traffic to register for classes at midnight. But suddenly, your screen freezes and won’t load the completion screen after you select your classes.


After an excruciating thirty seconds, the screen finally loads and the system tells you that the one class you wanted from the beginning is already filled…

First, you feel exceptionally angry (like Danny angry):

Then you just feel extremely disappointed:

You quickly fill in your last-choice class and complete your schedule. But you think to yourself, can you go on to next semester with such a mediocre schedule?

Your friends tell you they were able to get the classes they wanted and maybe even some of the ones you wanted.

You don’t hold it against them, but you still feel pretty bummed you couldn’t get in a lot of the classes you had wanted. Even so, you know you can survive next semester because you were able to survive the past one. Not getting your ideal schedule for next semester isn’t the end of the world because either way, you know you’ll be meeting new people and learning new material!


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