This Website Lets You Write A Letter to Your Period

Have you ever had a particularly difficult period and wanted to yell and scream, but had no one to take it out on? Well, now you can! Dear Period is a free website that allows you to write a letter to your Aunt Flow and really get your feelings out, ask questions and even have a good laugh.

The site was started by two middle aged women who thought it would be fun to write to their periods, and then the idea hit them. Their mission? "...for women around the world to have a forum to write to their Period.  And in return, you deserve a response." The site provides letters and responses that other women have sent in, and honestly they're pretty funny. After reading a few, I decided to give it a try. This is what my letter said:

Dear Period, First of all, why do you like to come twice a month? It's bad enough I have to see you once, but twice? Not fair. Second of all, why is it that every time I do see you, you insist on making me feel like I have acid in my uterus? I thought we were friends. Sincerely, PG

Within a couple of hours, I got an email response, and let me say, I couldn't help but laugh.

Dear Number Two, Once a month just isn't enough for me right now.  Can't you see my adoration for you?  True love honey, true love.  Now wait a second...acid in the uterus?  You speak from you have intrigued me!  All kidding aside, we are friends.  We are going to be friends for quite some time, so let's begin with some compliments for one another as an olive branch.  Personally, I think red looks fabulous on your.  Your turn... Love, Period

I wish this site was around when I was in high school! It's a great way for women to let out the frustrations that come with getting their period every month, and have a good laugh when they get a response. Because periods are a part of life, and most of us are going to have to live with them for a long time, might as well get a little entertainment from it.

Aside from the funny and insightful responses that this side provides to your complaints, Dear Period is also a great resource for all things period. The section "Va-Jay-Jay Wellness" is a great source for period product reviews, vagina wellness tips, and even PMS myths. 

All in all, the site is a great way to bring awareness to the things that women go through every month, as well as an outlet for frustrated women (like myself) to get their feelings out. Because like my period said, we're going to be friends for a long time. 

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