The Ultimate D.C. Bucket List

Before coming to D.C. for school I did extensive research on where the coolest places are. The items I checked off during my first semester at AU were so much fun, but I have yet to accomplish everything. Here are an assortment of things I have done and still want to do. Get ready to explore one of the most amazing cities by visiting these places. 

1. Artechouse

This place combined both art and technology to create interactive exhibits. Starting December 7th, the theme will be “imaginary world of The Nutcracker”. I’m not sure what this new exhibit will entail but it definitely is on the top of my list.

2. Capitol Hill Books

Located right on the Eastern Market metro stop, this store is filled with books everywhere! There are two floors and barely any room to move around because of the large assortment of both new and vintage books. I could have spent a whole day looking at all their books if my friends hadn’t pulled me out of the store.

3. Eastern Market

If you’re headed to Capitol Hill Books, you’re already heading towards Eastern Market, so you might as well stop by. The fact that this is a farmers' market combined with an artisans' market makes the experience unique. Every booth you stop by is intriguing, and it's fun to stop and get to know the people here too!

4. Blind Whino Church 

This isn’t your average church, in fact it isn’t even a church anymore.The building was painted and restored, in such a unique way. The church is painted with bright, over the top colors. This cool historic D.C. site would be an awesome place to stop by, explore, and take that new insta selfie you’ve been needing.


5. Roosevelt Island

That’s right, an island! Who knew D.C. was big enough to have a literal island in its territory. Roosevelt Island is a National Park, which offers public events, hiking trails, and kayaking down the Potomac River. Take a day away from the busy city, and go explore in the beautiful nature in D.C.   

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