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Tyra Banks’ Most Iconic Moments on Television

Tyra Banks, Queen of television and all things smize, is officially coming back to daytime talkshow television with THE F⋅A⋅B (which stands for Fun and Beautiful – because it’s Tyra and what else would it be called). The show is planned to air in Fall 2015 and, unlike The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra isn’t going to be the only recurring personality that we just can’t get enough of. The panel includes Chrissy Teigen, Lauren Makk, Joe Zee and Leah Ashley. 

While Tyra Banks’ name isn’t as widely spoken of in the news and media as say, Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus, she has managed to make one of the greatest pop cultural impacts in recent years and she has become icon of our time.

Forever a role model to young women and anyone else with a pulse, Tyra promotes self-esteem, self-expression, self-ownership, independence and, uhm, pretty much everything else that any person ever needs in a role model. Tyra has been a household name since her days as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and has been a big personality in television since the inception of America’s Next Top Model in 2003 – though she’d been acting on the tube since her semi-regular guest appearances on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

That being said, let’s celebrate Tyra in all her glory by taking a look at some of her most memorable moments on television – from the good, the bad, and the Tiffany.

That Vaseline thing she did…

We’re kicking off our favorite Tyra moments with a moment that is very characteristic of the Queen. She liiiiiterally made the biggest and best deal on her talkshow out of everyone getting bedazzled jars of Vaseline – or, as she puts it, her “eye and anything cream.” If anyone can do this without it completely changing their reputation to a point of tabloids rumoring psychiatric instability, it’s Tyra Banks.

Kiss Tyra’s fat ass!

While Tyra has a huge sense of humor and always knows how to make a crowd laugh, she also knows how to make a crowd listen and pay attention to the important stuff. And she does it all by making a huge statement about body policy and beauty standards in under 60 seconds.

Rabies on live television?

If there is one thing we can learn about Tyra Banks after watching 30 seconds of her at any given moment in any of her television performances, it’s that this woman has a sense of humor like no one else. In this particular instance, she decided that she was going to pretend she had rabies – cue some foaming at the mouth, and barking at someone until she thinks they’re about to call the paramedics. Why? Who the hell knows. She doesn’t need an explanation.

The ‘roo from down und-ah.

How else is one supposed to celebrate the ANTM girls heading to Australia? A kangaroo costume, obviously.

“Be quiet, Tiffany!”

When Tyra loves someone, she yells at them – scaring everyone so much that living rooms go dead silent watching this sh*t go down. That’s just how it is with this woman. And if there’s one thing we can all learn from Tyra Banks yelling with such passion that we’re all just waiting for that weave to frizz, it’s that you need to take personal responsibility! Girl, what is wrong with you that you aren’t taking personal responsibility?

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